Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Ballet Dancer"

Several of you have requested that I share more of my paintings since posting my first one. I have been somewhat hesitant due to the nature of my work, nudes. "The Ballet Dancer" was chosen over two others due to the beauty of the theme. Acrylic on canvas, "The Ballet Dancer" was painted with a very special person in mind. I love the Ballet with the beauty and grace that it portrays. I pay homage to this fine art with "The Ballet Dancer"....

Monday, June 19, 2006

"The Magic of Ian Christopher"

Hours of anticipation finally gave way to excitement as a new life entered into this world. At 3:52 a.m. June 15th our grandson, Ian Christopher, made his debut. At 4:00 p.m., on Wednesday the 14th of June, our phone rings. "Mom, we are going to the hospital, the Dr. wants to monitor the baby's stress levels. Once we get there and find out what is going on we'll call and let you know." At 5:45 the phone rings again, "Mom, she is being admitted; she is in labor; the baby is coming. You need to come to the hospital." My wife and I gathered up our cameras, made a few phone calls to alert anxiously waiting family members, and headed to the hospital. In the labor room, our daughter-in-law was having steady contractions as our son nervously held her hand, breathing through them with her. In the room were three generations of family members sharing in the event. From one hour to many hours later, it was determined that the baby just wasn't going to come into the world willingly. Due to the stress levels and the position of his head, the decision to remove the baby by cesarean section was made. Holding onto his bride's hand, our son and daugher-in-law were taken to the operating room. Camera in hand, our son took many pictures of the birth of his son. The magical moment finally came as Ian Christopher emerged to take his rightful place in society. At 5:15 a.m. we finally met our grandson. My wife was the first to hold the infant as flashes of light from cameras captured the special moments. Tears of joy both inside and outside swept through us to witness this wonderful occasion.
Back home to shower and go to work sleepless, the memories kept me awake as pride set in at having a grandson. My sleepless hours were spent thinking of all the wonderful things I will be doing with my grandson. Once home, all the talk with my wife was about the wonderfullness of having this child in our lives. Finally, sleep could wait no more as it overcame me and took me into my dreams.
"I have spent the past two months working getting ready for this moment. My son and I gutted the room in which the baby will sleep. It took many hours to redo the room, of which I gave to my off days. Once done, my wife and son and daughter-in-law did the painting. Clouds were added to the ceiling by my wife. Many hours were spent shopping for items to decorate the nursery. Because of this, I have not had much time to work on my blog. But now I have something I really want to share."
"The Magic of Ian Christopher" is much more than a new infant arriving in our lives. In many ways Ian has provided healing for us all. The "Magic" is that he is the hope of us all.


"Grace A Schwab Upcoming Event"

On View: Feb. 10-Mar. 23, 2007
Reception: to be announced
Grace Ann Schwab: paintings
Anne Ruder Bever GalleriesOn View: Feb. 10-Mar. 23, 2007
Reception: to be announced
Grace Ann Schwab: paintings
Anne Ruder Bever Galleries

When Sherry Armstead of Fairfield’s Art on Symmes learned that paintings by Grace Ann Schwab were about to be destroyed due to lack of appropriate storage space, she purchased the majority of them, over 600 works. The vibrant oils and watercolors, created between 1940 and 1973, reflect time spent on the west and east coasts of the United States and in Sienna, Italy where Miss Schwab studied guitar with Andres Segovia.

It is believed that Miss Schwab stopped painting due to phobias regarding the paint materials. About 70 of her paintings have been purchased from Art on Symmes in the past 2 years. Miss Schwab receives a royalty for each sale. She currently lives in a retirement home in Fairfield Township where she undergoes treatment for Alzheimer’s.

The Fitton Center is excited about working with Art on Symmes to develop an exhibition of Grace Ann Schwab’s gorgeous paintings. Projected gallery space for this exhibition is the Bever West Gallery and adjacent 2nd floor lobby area.

This will be a great event. Please stop by to see this showing of Grace A Schwab’s work.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Still Reflections"

"Still Reflections" is the latest composition from HTSteels collection. Acrylic on canvas board, this piece denotes remarkable description of still life impressionism. A wonderful painting.

"Garden Delight"

A tiny reminder of why life is celebrated.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Radiantly Iris"

Few things in nature display such pure beauty as an Iris. Given thought to all the troubles of everyday life, it is such a delight to stop and give wonder to the elegance of just one flower. This magnificient specimen emerged yesterday, Saturday, to claim it's place amongst the other beauties of my gardens. I am pleased to display this for your enjoyment.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Winslow Royalty aka Poppy"

This morn, Mama sent me's up ta Poppy's cabin with 'a plate 'o eggs, some fried ham, biscuits 'n molasses. I thinks he smell'd me comin cause he had his rickty ole table pulled up to his'n knees and a hot cup of coffee all's ready.
"You'se hurry on ups here boy. Fer'n hit gits cold."
Poppy's in a good mood this morn. Sometimes all's he'll do is just grunt at's me.
"Sit yerself down thar boy. Yer mama's a might kind 'o fixin up this har plate fer old Poppy. I sure does like yer mama's cookin".
Fer a while, all the noise thar on that ole mountain wer tem bids wakin up the lazy folk and the sound 'o Poppy's fork scrapin cross Mama's best 'n china. Mama'd box my ear if'in I scraped my fok cross her best china like that; she'd a be fraid I'd scratchin it.
Poppy smacked him lips and shoved off ta table, "Come 'n on ups here boy."
I crawled up on Poppy's lap and snuggle in. Lap time 'a meanin stories or sometime hit would'n be an idear 'o Poppy's. Poppy hat tons 'o great idear's and memberences. Folk all said hows Poppy taws alway'n dreamer, 'specially Mama. I rans my fanger down one 'o cracks 'n Poppy's face, "Poppy, do tem huts?"
Poppy cackled 'n shuk him haid, "Naw son, tem don't hut none. Tem just the map tells 'bout my's life."
I's tank Poppy was 'n pullin my's lag. Any's darn 'o fool 'nown no-un's 'a map onin hit face.
"Ye ever catch ye a bard in yer hand, son?"
"No's sur."
"Well, I'd be dogged. Yu's "bout ta turn six now ain't ya? "Bout ta start skoul?"
"Yas em, sur."
"Ten it's a time to catch ye a bard. No boy's lowed to be six less'n him catchen him a bard. Till ya git one, you's a have ta stay five."
I did'n xactly what ole Poppy 'n told me. I tawas't lowed ta be six 'n I couldn't ride ta skoul bus like's my big brother till I 'a catch'n me's a lark. Poppy pours sum salt in ta middle 'o my hand. I walks up ta mountain, out past'n what was left of ta fance, and sit down's in ta dewy grass. Ta seat 'o my pant got wet reals quick, but I's real careful not to let ta salt get wet. Ta dew'd dry out soon 'nough and a wet pant never hut no'un yet.
I was facin down tawds ta cabin and I's sees 'a Poppy rockin, smokin him pipe. Poppy's real name ta Windlow Royalty. Once, Poppy told me tat him older than ta mountain. Since 'n him so old, Poppy don't do much but sit in him rocker on ta porch. He 'a said him's a hopin ta catch sum sun. I dun' know how's since'n all him do is jus sit thar 'stead of chacin hit. Guess him know'n bein as him's so old and wise and all's.
I's 'a sat still as 'n old tree stump wit my's hand 'a lyin way's out in front's of me 'n a tops a squished daisy. Ta tall grass wut blowin gainst ta back 'o my nek 'n ticklin sumin fierce. I's 'could hear's Mama 'a callin fer me ta git on home but's I ignore's hur. If'n Papa started hollerin, I'd have ta go 'er git 'a switchin. Afer 'n bit, 'n ole jack rabbit started ta hoppin in ta field. He'd not noticed 'n me cause I was sittin so still. Evey once in ta while, a lark would land nar 'n I'd holt my breth waitin fer 'n it ta hop 'n my's hant fer that salt. Ten, 'bout time ta sun gettin real's hot, 'a lark landed right's next ta me. I's 'could see Poppy sittin up's in him char and spittin him 'a stream of 'bacco juice over ta porch rail. Ta bard was a gettin closer an closer 'n suddenly Mama hollard 'n clanged har bell callin me's 'a home fer lunch. Dawged it she'd 'skared ta lark tway and ruined my's chance 'o turnin six.
I's a jumped up 'n hollowered lout as I coult, "Doggone hit anyway's," 'n runt downt ta hill 'a Poppy. "I's 'bout 'ad 'em Poppy. I's just 'bout 'ad 'em."
"You's best git 'n home son. Ye can try gainst morrow. Take's yer mama's china 'n scoot."
I run's downt ta mountain at a horse gallop 'n behindst me I heard Poppy cacking like 'a crazy man, "You's a sight boy. You's a sight."

A short story by HTSteele, from her poem "Tennessee". Both the story and the Poem are based on a true story that happened during the early sixties. Wonderfully told....


"A Rose is a Rose"

The first rose in my garden.... This is no ordinary rose, however. Given to me in love from my wife, this climber is truly a show-stopper specimen. Filling my garden, and my senses, with it's sweet aroma this beauty opened today to unveil it's brilliant magnificence. Filling my day with joy and my memories with overwhelming pleasure, this rose is one of natures masterpieces' that has finally emerged.

I wait in total anticipation for the emergence of this next beauty.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Beauty Defined"

I shall rejoyce in the special moments of time we share. To pause and wonder at the beauty of a quiet place, a familiar landscape previously unnoticed-remembered not in the mind but in the heart.
Art is a way of looking, of feeling, of living. Art is the shortest distance between you and me.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Cistena's Scent"

For the plant lovers I have this wonder photo to share. Filling my garden with a sweet wonderful scent, nothing can compare to the Purpleleaf Sandcherry. Small delicate flowers adorn this showstopper plant. For those who have not had the pleasure to behold the sweet passion of this plant, I can only recommend that you find someone who has one or visit a nursery where one is in bloom. The aroma of this majestic pleasure will leave your senses filled with joy. "Cistena's Scent" is a truly remarkable creation.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Easter Lily Impressions"

Foregoing any religious significance of the Easter Lily, I wish to make a few comments as to the impression of the Easter Lily in my life. As a child , I would wait in anticipation for the Easter Lily to emerge. I would always imagine the spring with it's warm sun air enveloping me. I dreamed for the day of the soft rain cascading on the tin roof of the old farm house I once lived in. Spring was always special but it wasn't official until the Easter Lily blossomed in majestic beauty. Bold yet delicate, soft in it's display, the Easter Lily has always been a personal favorite of mine. The poetry of this flower is in it's design. As my childhood clamors in my memories, I cherish the moments of my past. I share these moments with my family and will pass on to my grandchildren the beauty of this important ritual. For nothing is more important to me in life but life itself.
Standing with my wife at 6:00 pm. I took this photograph of the Easter Lily. I share this with you and I hope your memories will inspire you as mine have me.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Romancing Spring"

All over the world, spring is being celebrated. I, for one, have waited in anticipation for Spring to usher in it's joy of rebirth, the sleeping trees and bushes and exotic plants that encompasses my yard. Nothing more exciting for me is watching my cherry tree erupt in beautiful exaltations of flower.
The cherry blossom is more than a flower. It represents a newness for life. The cherry blossom is a celebration for tomorrow. Life is hard enough with all that we have to tend with. But with the cherry blossom, we have time to reflect on the joys in our own lives. The people who love us. The friends that are true to us. The pets that share our homes. Our co-workers that become our second families because we spend so much time with them. The neighbors that live next to us. Spring is a time to Romance our future. A time for anticipation. A time to make new decisions. A time to reflect our past. A time for accounting. A time for change.
The photos are from my cherry tree. I have waited for several blossoms to appear before taking these photographs. Using my digital SLR, I took these photos this morning, under a beautiful 10:00 am sun with dew from last nights cold still resting on the petals. With a chill in the air and the music of the birds in the background, I took several photographs. These are the ones that I found most attractive.
Each photograph has it's own version of Spring poetry. I hope you enjoy each one and recongize the beauty of the cherry blossom.

Monday, April 03, 2006

"Bird Of Paradise"

Artist Sandy Maudlin is the author of this wonderful painting, "Bird Of Paradise." A local artist who teaches painting, Sandy has inspired many forms of artistic work. Her paintings include oils and acrylic, but her true love is that of the watercolors. Her latest venture is that of abstract which includes mixing of watercolors and oils to achieve an unusual texture to her work.
"Bird Of Paradise" is indeed a poetic statement, resulting in this magnificent piece. From my private collection.

Friday, March 31, 2006

"Random Impressions Of Summer: A Portrait Of Innocence"

Marigolds ripening in the sun.
Baseball cards slapping bike spokes.
Blackened marshmallows dripping on embers.

Oil rainbows dance on the drive.
Ice cream sealing fingers closed.
Decapitated grass bleeding on the lawn.

Bagworm buckets, a penny a carcass.
Echoes of a ball demolished by a bat.
Lightning bugs frantic in cupped palms.

Fan blades drone rearranging heat.
Blackberry fingers stuffing my face.
Night raiders swoop to imbibe from the pool.

Dandelion chains adorn my hair.


HTSteele's recounting of her childhood continues with this moving and inspirational poem.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Daddy's Hand"

My hand cocooned, wrapped
in the silks of your calluses
nestled in your grasp
till your fingers uncurled
and I emerged.


A beautiful recounting of HTSteels childhood with her father. A published poem full of depth and emotions.


Monday, March 27, 2006

"Marigold Resurrection"

The sun worn
from a day's work
leaned against the roof
of the yellow brick house
across the road
with no dividing line.

The child plucked a marigold
once orange, now dead-
peeled its husk
shucked its past
and sprouted a treasure
of spear-like seeds.

She poked a grubby finger
deep into loam, sowed the seeds
that would flower into a poem
late on a Sunday night
thirty-six years after the poet
washed the soil from her nails.

The poem is about Ms. Steele as a child. It is a memory of her love of the marigold when she was young, defined in her adult life.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


HTSteele demonstrates more talent with this true to life painting. "Ascension" defines yet another aspect of poetry HTSteele envisions in her life. Acrylic on canvas, "Ascension" is a remarkable piece.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Poppy cackled
from his cracked wood
unpainted porch
and spit a stream.

The boy perched
stalking game still,
crouching in the meadow,
aiming to catch him a lark.

Poppy cackled,
"You a sight boy,
you a sight,"
flushing his prey.


HTSteele is a published author of poetry and stories.
A Graduate of Miami University of Ohio, Honors with Distinction, HTSteele dedicates herself to the education system teaching high school English.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Abstract Girl Posing"

This is my first painting. My love of art has led me to do "Abstract Girl Posing"; acrylic on canvas. As I go thru life, I have developed a greater appreciation for the arts. In so much, that I have decided to devote my later years painting. Now that I am painting, I have a deeper appreciation for artists. I felt such expressions of freedom and creativity while doing this piece. I hope you enjoy viewing it as I did painting it. I will release more of my work as I produce them, as well as those of other artists.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


A new addition to my collection is this fun and colorful work from Grace A. Schwab. Grace demonstrates her ability to be unpredictable in this untitled piece. Whimsy in style, Grace draws from the forms of great artists to complete this compelling painting. Grace's ability to use watercolors to create feeling is none more telling in this mixed media painting. A truly wonderful example of Grace's creativeness is demonstrated in this expressionistic view of everyday life.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Haunted in Early Form"

"Haunted in Early Form" is rare indeed of the many works that Grace A. Schwab has accomplished. Most of Grace's works were done in oils and watercolors, making this unique. Done in charcoal, "Haunted in Early Form" demonstrates Grace's ablility to be explore her artistic creativeness. Capturing deep eloquence, this is truly one of Graces finest examples of expressionism.

Grace A. Schwab

I first came across Grace's work over a year ago. Since then I have acquired many of her works. All paintings are original. It is my quest to make Grace's work well know amongst the community.
Grace A, Schwab was born on August 12th, 1924 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Living on the outskirts of the suburbs, she grew to love the creeks and wooded hills that were near-by, while enjoying the cultured advantages of the city. Grace was nurtured by first generation German immigrant parents who provided a home made beautiful with music and affection. Her interest in art developed early paralleling her study of piano and, in her early teens, the classical Spanish guitar. Grace is a graduate of San Jose State College with a major in art. Many of her oils and watercolors were done in California and reflect the hills and desert plains there. Later years took Grace to Siena, Italy where she studied guitar with Andres Segovia. After returning to America, Grace taught music and art in Washington D.C. and later in Annapolis, Md. where she studied art with Donald Coal. Swimming, boating, and a love of wire-haired fox terriers show through much of her work. Grace returned to Pittsburgh in the 1970's and is now living in Hamilton, Ohio. Due to failing health, Grace no longer works in artistic form. While many of her works are uniquely Grace's, many more reflect an influence of two great artists: Picasso and Marc Chagall. Grace A. Schwab is indeed an exceptional artist.


Friday, February 10, 2006


Original Acrylic on wood from Robert Saueressig. Saueressig, a graduate from the College Of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota has spent many years creating images as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker. His art is a visual exploration and interpretation of life's impressions. Of the many media he is comfortable with, he most enjoys portraiture, oil pastels and acrylic the most. His work is in many private collections from the Midwest to Europe and as far away as Mongolia.
Abstractionism best describes this fine piece.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Priori 19"

From my private collection, "Priori 19" is uniquely spellbinding. Artist Christopher Harris captivates us with his vision of modern-esque style. Acrylic on wood, "Priori 19" is a personal favorite.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Orchestrated Splendor"

Grace A. Schwab has a remarkable sense of poetry in her paintings. One of many watercolors in which Grace captures nature in it's absolute form. "Orchestrated Splendor" talents Grace's artistic characteristics in magnificent brilliance.

"Study in Reflective Color"

Grace A. Schwab's abilities are cleverly used in this unique piece, "Study in Reflective Color".
Grace's use of watercolors intermingled with her understanding of composition gives us an insight into her creativeness. What makes this painting wonderful is how Grace blends serious talent with a touch of capriciousness.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Tropical Civitas Dei"

Grace A. Schwab's "Tropical Civitas Dei" takes us into a striking contrast of beauty and elegance. Warmth is the pleasure of this spectacular painting, giving us an intriguing look into Grace's ability to achieve profoundness in her art.

"Silence In Nature"

"Silence In Nature" is a true observation of Grace A. Schwab's ability to capture the profoundness of a scenic view. Using a style uniquely her own, Grace clearly shows that she is multi-talented in her methods of painting. Grace has inspired several works in nature. This is one example of the many different forms used by Grace to explore her potential.

"Nude By Waters Edge"

"Nude By Waters Edge" was the first painting I acquired by Grace A. Schwab. A true masterpiece, Grace gives us an insight into her truest talents. In Picasso- esque form, Grace demonstrates her ability to touch the very elements of great artistic style, creating individuality, personality, and feeling in "Nude By Waters Edge".

"Innocence in Nude"

"Innocence in Nude" clearly demonstrates the unique talents of Grace A. Schwab.
Capturing the essence of human form, Grace displays her ability to evoke emotion.
Grace painted only a few nudes. Perhaps she was testing her ablilites in the art of human depiction. I have the pleasure of owning two paintings of nudes that Grace had in her repertoire.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Inspiration, for Grace, covers a wide range of topics. Of all the many works that I have viewed, none have touched me in the way Grace depicts the crucifixion of Christ. Of the several hundred paintings Grace produced, this is the only one that I found with any biblical significance. Truly making this painting her most awe inspiring. It is rare indeed.....
Characteristic in the style of Marc Chagall, Grace brings forth both emotion and mood in her own form, making "Crucifixion" uniquely unparalleled.